Calling all High school seniors!


Apply to be a Junior Mentor

We are looking for a few exceptional seniors to act as Junior Mentors for the program. Attend the program along with everyone else, and receive one-on-one coaching from our primary instructor. 

You will learn to lead activities and discussions, the basics of being a mentor, and enjoy increased responsibility to build skills and experience as a leader.

You must be available for your schools program hours:

Tuesday 2:30-4:00 Location TBD, 19 February - 2 April

Thursday 2:45-4:15 Central Park, 21 February - 4 April

* No sessions during spring break

*Location not final

There will also be 4-8 hours of coaching and training outside of the program hours. We will work with you and the other Junior Mentors for best times for you.


How to Apply

Write a modified resume and send it to us!

We are not grading format or grammar. Instead, communicate to us why you would be a great junior mentor! Although GPAs and academic prowess is important, and certainly can be mentioned, they are not required. 

Volunteer in the community?

Member of sports teams and clubs?

Create content on YouTube?

Livestream on Twitch?

Watch your siblings while your parents work late?

Have a part-time job to help pay the bills and have your own money?

Take care of a sick or elderly family member?

These things show great responsibility and courage, the type of attributes that make great leaders and mentors. If this is you, apply now!



One-on-one coaching form the Founder 

and Primary Instructor of Rising Momentum

Recommendation letters and references for college or jobs

Fast-track to employment at Rising Momentum after graduation

Fulfillment in providing a real impact in the lives of other teens

We will customize the coaching and experience you receive. If you want to learn business, entrepreneurship, leadership, finance, marketing, or just focus on being a great mentor. We will provide the best experience for you!

Apply Here