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Rising Momentum offers programs for sports teams and clubs, at-risk teens, company teams and events, college students, and our after-school program for Flagler County Teens. 

About Rising Momentum



Provide engaging, exciting, challenging and fun activities for young Leaders in our community. Develop maturity, responsibility and accountability through activities teens enjoy and want to come back for. Give the teens a voice, by allowing their recommendations and feedback to shape future programs. Design activities created by teens, for teens.



High school shouldn't feel like a drag, but an uplifting pull to success. Growth and development of young adults is best done in exciting, engaging and adventurous environments. Developing teenagers should have fun while they learn maturity, responsibility and accountability. The skills needed to succeed in school, at work and in life can be taught through hands-on, challenging activities that teens look forward to. 


Who We Are

David and Melony Paradis have a combined 32 years education and training experience. As a local, family-oriented business, they seek to give back to Palm Coast teens and the community. Melony taught at all grade levels in 6 states and David spent 20 years as a military leader coaching and mentoring young adults. With his military career behind him, he is seeking to provide the same care and commitment to developing and mentoring local teens in his home town. 

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Child Safety

Safety is important to us!

You can be assured knowing that safety and security at our programs will always be a top concern. Here are a few of the things we do to keep your teens safe:

All Instructors undergo:

Local and state background checks

Clearance as a Flagler school district volunteer

National sexual predator search clearance


Safety training is conducted by Rising Momentum and outside agencies

On-site primary Instructors undergo federal screening

Our services

After-school teen leadership program


Flagler Teens

Flagler County Teens are invited to a unique and engaging experience. Complete challenges, play games and modified sports, and have fun with your fellow teens. Then follow it up with discussions and coaching by experienced leadership mentors. 

Be the first to attend, and help create a program designed by teens, for teens. We believe the best way to develop is by doing activities that are engaging, exciting, relevant and fun! We promise to make this an experience you will remember! 

You will help us build the program to make it fun for you and your friends. 

Have an idea for an activity? No problem! Have a topic you want to discuss? Absolutely! We are willing to innovate for you!

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For the Parents

Let us develop your teen with this unique, interactive experience. Teens will be challenged to work together to achieve results with constant coaching and feedback. We believe with our approach, increased maturity, responsibility and accountability is possible! 

All teens are invited! The only requirement is a desire to grow and develop as a young adult. Anyone can be a leader with the right skills!

Our primary instructor has led, coached and mentored young leaders for 20+ years! Including teaching to Ivy League college students in NYC as the Senior Leadership Instructor for Fordham University. 

About Our Mentors

Sample Session Plan

Introduction: 5-10 minutes to introduce a theme or topic. (ex. facing adversity)

Challenge Activity: 15-30 minutes as a team, teens accomplish a goal together. We will use latest trends and technology to keep it interesting. We may create a video, play a modified sport, or build something. Teens are in charge! They decide how to tackle each challenge while mentors simply observe.

Discussion: 5-10 minutes for a mentor-led discussion focusing on teamwork, communication, problem-solving and leadership. Teens tend to enjoy the discussion as much as the activity itself!

More Activity/Discussions: Teens then repeat the activity with new rules, or an entirely new activity. Followed by more mentoring and coaching. Allowing teens to practice and improve their teamwork and leadership skills!

Closeout: 5-10 minutes to  summarize the session and discuss lessons learned. 

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